#nablopomo #nablopomoed Best About PLN

#nablopomo #nablopomoed Day 14 The best thing about my PLN is… The best thing about my personal learning network / neighborhood is the relationships. We follow each other on Twitter and in blogs, Google hangout on topics of interest, and join Continue reading #nablopomo #nablopomoed Best About PLN

#nablopomo #nablopomoed Weather

                        #nablopomo #nablopomoed Day 13: weather description, a sample of setting… Perfect prompt today as we continue reading Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper. for the Global Read Continue reading #nablopomo #nablopomoed Weather

#nablopomo #nablopomoed Veterans Day

  Day 11 #nablopomo #nablopomoed Veterans Day Veterans Day is a day of reflection for the men and women who served to protect our country in the armed services. My brother, three uncles, and numerous cousins are among those who Continue reading #nablopomo #nablopomoed Veterans Day

#nablopomo #nablopomoed Day 9 Saturdays

On Saturdays, we rest. Saturdays are our favorite, my husband and I. They are mornings of rest and review, sharing and showing our past week. We tweet and share; find a blog and share; maybe watch a video [ TED Continue reading #nablopomo #nablopomoed Day 9 Saturdays

#nablopomoed #nablopomo Consider Grading Practices

Day 7 Today in class I explained a little about grading, not realizing this prompt today. Two of my students were upset at the question today because they were unsure of the answer. I reminded them that I would be Continue reading #nablopomoed #nablopomo Consider Grading Practices

#nablopomoed Day 6 Way to School

#nablopomoed Day 6 On the way to school today I noticed how light it was now that we are on Daylight Savings Time; I’d rather have the daylight after school. I noticed that it was warmer than the supposed forecast Continue reading #nablopomoed Day 6 Way to School


Blog a day… November 5 Tuesday If Tuesdays were sweet, they’d be caramels, soft and sweet cubes of info we need, in bite-sized bits easily understood, dissolving slowing into a creative expression of new delights. And if Tuesday is election Continue reading Tuesdays.#nablopomoed

#nablopomo Writing Prompts for Educators #nablopomoed #clmooc

Need a challenge for November? BLOGGING (See next section for MICRO-BLOGGING) I’m not sure if National Blog Post Month is official, but I signed up here. I’ve seen #nablowrimo and #nablopomo tags, so the challenge is on for me at Continue reading #nablopomo Writing Prompts for Educators #nablopomoed #clmooc

Congratulations for Truth

Have you read Verena Roberts post yet?  Did you congratulate her on receiving the iNACOL Innovative Practice award . You know she acknowledges it is because “of all of you out there who supported and helped facilitate open classroom projects over the last Continue reading Congratulations for Truth

#NaNoWriMo #NaBloPoMo

Yes. I’m applying my creative endeavors to the written word this month. I’m letting the thoughts in my mind have voice.  My students and I are reading Out of My Mind by Susan Draper. We are holding onto the idea Continue reading #NaNoWriMo #NaBloPoMo