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#nablopomoed Day 12

On “Off” days, I usually plan for a project, unless it’s a family holiday.  A project is some long-term curriculum project, a unit I’d like to create to meet standards and student needs for learning and passions.

One example is the Personal Persuasive Project, a collaboration between our former science teacher and myself (the language arts teacher). It includes the main goal (write persuasively in some form on a science topic of choice) and lots of resources that may be needed. I say may be needed because some kids can just take a goal and fly with it while others, even when following their own choices, need more guidance.

Sometimes I create something based on what I’ve been learning, or would like to share with my colleagues, such as this Ask What Else overview of possible tech integration to meet standards.

At any rate, because on “off” days my husband is usually working, I keep busy on educational reading or projects.

Even when he’s “off,” we may just stay home and both of us geek out on a project related to our work.

Or sometimes we head off into the wild blue and end up in a small town around our area to explore, find fine dining, and perhaps stay the night. Once we ended up in Twisp, WA and every one welcomed us. There were signs all over town welcoming us. Signs in the stores, in restaurants, even on the grocery stores. Every where the signs welcomed us with: “Welcome Hunters !” [my married name]

The best part was a community event that afternoon as we headed home: the Buddhists monks from Tibet were creating a mandala in sand. We were able to watch the process of pouring colored sand into intricate symmetrical patterns which would then be blown away. Beautiful.

Everything eventually blows away. Enjoy the journey and do your best to make the world better, beautiful, and beneficent. Days on and days off.

 Lama guiding His Holiness Dagchen Rinpoche's vajra in hand, destroying the Hevajra Mandala, close up of colored sand mandala, Tharlam Monastery, Tibetan Buddhist, Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal
Photo Credit: Wonderlane via Compfight



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  1. Oh, friend, this was great for me to read tonight. Yesterday we spent the day moving out of our home. Many things blew away as we swept, purged, cleaned, and said goodbye to the house that had become our home. Like the colorful sand blowing, we are facing many beautiful changes.

    This will be important to remember as we pass future mile markers: “Enjoy the journey and do your best to make the world better, beautiful, and beneficent. Days on and days off.” Thank you!


    • Hi Denise. I’m so glad you stopped by to read this, and that it helped you. That should be easy because you two are always living to make the world better, more beautiful and so beneficent. It’s hard to let go, yet letting go means looking forward. Your works will benefit so many! Keep in touch!

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