Looking Back

If I hadn’t set my calendar goals, I would have missed out on the opportunity to learn from others and then share for others. Continue reading Looking Back

Momentum Part 5 Reflection

I’m just a person like you, doing the best I can. So, please: Are you ready? Will you play? I’m game for a continued #blogging28! Continue reading Momentum Part 5 Reflection

CLmooc Thursday Thoughts

Thanks to everyone in #clmooc for making it still great. Charlene Doland, Lauren Zucker, Ron Leunissen, Susan Watson, Helen DeWaard,Kevin Hodgson, Sarah Honeychurch, Kim Douillard. This Make Cycle 3 is Doodling, with a Twitter Chat todayThursday, August 3 at 7p ET/4p PT/11pm UTC with the Continue reading CLmooc Thursday Thoughts

#clmooc Reflection Open and Not

CLmooc is awesome! I am so thankful for another opportunity to learn and grow and share with others who look forward to the possible, however adjacent it may be. Reflection: Some things were different and disappointing, but mostly CLmooc helped Continue reading #clmooc Reflection Open and Not

#clmooc #connectedlearning principles

A Reflection on My #CLMOOC Work Thanks to all for a marvelous, connected six weeks!  Why connected learning? Why digital learning?     Thanks to Margaret Simon for hosting DigiLit Sundays where educators share how they are using technology in Continue reading #clmooc #connectedlearning principles

#clmooc Adjacent Possible and Embodied Learning

Adjacent Possible, Embodied Learning,  and Verbal Learning: Connected Learning Principles and Values  Reflection inspired by Terry Elliott Note: Connected Learning Principles ConnectedLearning_report.pdf. (n.d.). Retrieved July 7, 2014, from http://dmlhub.net/sites/default/files/ConnectedLearning_report.pdf Interest Powered “When a subject is personally interesting and relevant, learners achieve Continue reading #clmooc Adjacent Possible and Embodied Learning

#clmooc Play is the game

Play / Collaboration Play is the game, and collaboration is the strategy. Mindshift’s Jordan Shapiro article reiterates this: Play is useful because it simulates real life experience — physical, emotional, and/or intellectual — in a safe, iterative and social environment, not Continue reading #clmooc Play is the game

#clmooc Reflections and Connections 2 #digilit

#clmooc Reflections and Connections 2     What am I learning? More than I thought! Digital Literacies and Connected Learning Today I attended Doug Belshaw’s The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies (@dajbelshaw) session to introduce his new book of the same Continue reading #clmooc Reflections and Connections 2 #digilit

#clmooc Make Log List Reflection

Reflections and Connections #clmooc             Make Cycle 1 Make Log Questions from our Reflections and Connections suggestions: What I’ve Made So Far What did you learn from what you’ve already made? What makes inspired you to Continue reading #clmooc Make Log List Reflection

#clmooc Dig that Data

  #clmooc Dig that Data Blog Posts CampNaNoWriMo: My work in #clmooc was enough to earn WINNER for 15,500 words –read or written! Gathering Data CONNECTIONS Connections Google Plus-n Tweets 178 #clmooc Chats – 4 #literacies Hangouts/Webinars connectedlearning.tv 2 Participant Hangout Continue reading #clmooc Dig that Data