CLmooc Thursday Thoughts

Thanks to everyone in #clmooc for making it still great.

Charlene DolandLauren ZuckerRon LeunissenSusan WatsonHelen DeWaard,Kevin Hodgson, Sarah Honeychurch, Kim Douillard.

This Make Cycle 3 is Doodling, with a Twitter Chat todayThursday, August 3 at 7p ET/4p PT/11pm UTC with the  #clmooc  hashtag.

By Thursday, about noon, we’ve had some awesome shares. Please take a look to get your own ideas. Most can be found in the Google Plus Connected Learning Community.

I’ve doodled about several shares and linked to them; I’m  still working on it. Find it here:


Doodle Quilt Blocks descriptions Left to Right, Top to Bottom


CLmooc Blog

What Else Blog Pot

Visual Alphabet by Dave Grey  — How to Start

Claudine Delfin’s  Sketcho Frenzy— How To Sketchnoting


Doodle Love by Kevin — animated doodle poetry


From MC 1 Coloring Page 5 Kevin’s Saxophone

to Zentangle by Karon Bielenda

to Dee Cee’s color with emotion and implied animation

And D Casement Music Doodle


Wendy Taleo’s Data Visions of data with Karon Bielenda on CLmooc


Dee’s butterfly doodle to extend

Kevin’s gif painting Dee Cee’s Butterfly

And Melvina’s version

And Ron’s version


Kevin’s balloon share

with Melvina’s acceptance


Wendy Taleo’s Sound Mountain

Postcards, Poems, Stories, Music, Doodles

The Story and The Data in Padlet



Scott Glass Object Doodles and His resource for using real world objects around which to doodle


Kevin’s Comic and Aaron Davis’s template


Kevin’s #clmooc #twitcastrophe Tweet a one sentence story and get a doodle back


Kevin’s YouTube/Animoto review of daily sketching in Animoto


David Barr’s doodle animation


Susan’s Doodle Drag


Terry Elliot’s Doodling Playlist


Sarah and Bruno shared doodler @dianebleck

with Jamie Lanham’s sample Sketchnoting notebook


CLmooc Blog

CLmooc Google Plus Community

CLmooc Twitter

Lots to learn.

Amazing shares.

Find one –

Take a dare.

Make and share.

Enjoy the rest of MC3: Doodle It 

And Join us today for the Twitter Chat:

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