#nablopomo #nablopomoed Day 9 Saturdays

On Saturdays, we rest.

Saturdays are our favorite, my husband and I. They are mornings of rest and review, sharing and showing our past week.

We tweet and share; find a blog and share; maybe watch a video [ TED Talk, Science, etc. ] together on Apple TV.

On most Saturdays 9:00 am is an important part of the week. This week I missed it catching up on tweets, and I missed one of my favorite people: Shell Terrell. What’s important about Saturdays at 9:00 am Pacific? Classroom 2.0 Live! started by Steve Hargadon to help teachers share and learn how to integrate technology effectively for 21st Century education.  A presenter [teacher, educational mentor, etc.] shares topic howtos [ assessment for learning, Edmodo, Google Apps, VoiceThread ] that teachers can use immediately. Teachers listen via Blackboard Eluminate and add resources in the chat, conversing about connections and application as well as asking questions of the presenter. It’s a powerful way to learn about technology and to meet people who will work with you. However, you can bet I will watch the Archives! You can also subscribe on iTunesU.

This Saturday and November Saturdays are NaNoWriMo marathons for me. It’s my third year to participate. I am hooked on the creative juices that flow from my imagination to the word images on my Google Doc… creating a world this way shows just how exciting writing can be, and how learning to write needs to be more student-centered rather than scripted formulas. I wrote about that here: Let Them Write.

And so… I grab my cottage cheese and Ritz crackers to finish what I’ve started:

“She continued, “I saw a flash and a shadow dance among the leaves. I thought it just the play of leaves dancing in the breeze before the thunderstorm. But no, the flash was frantic and the shadow followed it wherever it went…”


On Saturdays in November, after a morning of conversation and sharing, I’m creating another world.

What are your Saturdays like?