Blog a day… November 5


If Tuesdays were sweet, they’d be caramels, soft and sweet cubes of info we need, in bite-sized bits easily understood, dissolving slowing into a creative expression of new delights.

And if Tuesday is election day, I’d be thankful for the opportunity and mark the spots with my choice. I’d be glad I live where I can vote, and where people are watchful for those that prevent some from voting.

But what else?

I wondered about what I could add to civics education in my language arts class. How about:

60 second Civics

Gooru Learning Collection: National Day of Civics Hacking

Gooru Learning Civics Search

iCivics founded by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

Kahn Academy American Civics

Naturalization Civics Study

Teaching New Civics in a Digital World Ethan Zuckerman

Annenberg Clasroom Civics: US Constitution

Civics Online

Civic Ed WA State Middle School

Civics Lessons: NY Times

McRel Civics Making a Difference

Civics and Government: Library of Congress

Civic Mission for Schools