Sunshine Blog Meme Homework #openspokes

Getting Back Jeremy’s right: sometimes we need to kickstart our blogging. And what better way to do that than to nudge your friends too. Thanks to Jeremy and Susan, I’ll stop watching mysteries on iTunes and NetFlix and get back Continue reading Sunshine Blog Meme Homework #openspokes

A Twitter Idea #clmooc #etmooc #edquery #ce13

This month, I’ve asked a few questions on Twitter — used hashtags and asked PLN. I really needed more than a few responses, and I know the Twitter PLN is an awesome place for answers. I’m wondering if we need Continue reading A Twitter Idea #clmooc #etmooc #edquery #ce13

#TFotoFri Teacher Flickr Friday Photo Group: You’re Invited!

  TFotoFri Are you an Educator with an eye for the perfect snapshot? Or not?  But you do notice! All educators notice the little things, and the big things, that make a difference in our daily lives. Would you like Continue reading #TFotoFri Teacher Flickr Friday Photo Group: You’re Invited!