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questionmarkblue This month, I’ve asked a few questions on Twitter — used hashtags and asked PLN. I really needed more than a few responses, and I know the Twitter PLN is an awesome place for answers. I’m wondering if we need an Education Query hashtag: #edquery

An #edquery hashtag would work like #comments4kids. Twitter users tune in to the #comments4kids hashtag to discover student blogs on which to comment to encourage the practice of positive social learning and sharing. I created a #comments4kids widget for our class blog so students could comment on those blogs.

With an #edquery hashtag, educators could tune in each day to respond to a question or two or retweet the ones they also are interested in. The conversations of responses could be a wealth of ideas all could learn and use. It could be the one place / tag on Twitter to discover answers to specific questions or to get referrals for apps or tools that would solve a problem. It could refer people to bloggers that provide insights to their particular situations. It’s widget would provide constant fuel for suggestions and blogging.

Here are just two of my recent questions:

A colleague is just getting text savvy, and has one iPad in his classroom he’d like to connect and display with onto his SmartBoard. Thankfully I was referred to Splashtop, but I know there are other ideas and apps out there because technology is a tool, and the tool we choose is the one that fits that moment and need. And twitter users share what they know and use so the query responses are very helpful.

Today I’m wondering about vocabulary: what tech tools and apps can enhance vocabulary acquisition? I know about Spelling and Vocabulary via Spelling City, Engrade FlashCards,  and Quizlet. Again though, I’m looking for choices, because blended learning offers the options for differentiation — and developing a repertoire of resources from those using the tools would greatly help this query.

So, what do you think? Would  #edquery be a good addition to our education hashtag helpers?



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  1. I think this is a great idea! In fact, it is so much simpler than I would have ever thought of doing. Genius, really. I am not sure how the fine tuning or switching would work entirely, but I am adding the search to my TweetDeck now. WIll figure the other stuff out as we go. You have a new #edquery advocate.

  2. Sheri,
    Good idea! You are always thinking of how to help others. I like this idea and will try to give it a go!


  3. If you cannot target with a specific hashtag a question you need answering I feel #edquery would be a wonderful way to exchange ideas. It is definitely worth a try.

    • Thanks, Jerry. We have quite a few newbies and those beginning to connect together who have questions. And sometimes the questions from our “experts” don’t quite get the responses the question warrants. Hopefully, an #edquery hashtag could get more coverage. Let’s try it.

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