Day 32 Why Cant I

Why Can’t I? to How Can I? and How Can We? Continue reading Day 32 Why Cant I

CLmooc BC Affinity Conversations

the most fundamental of all human rights is the right to control our own minds and thoughts: We are curious and exploring on our own to find meaning in our worlds Continue reading CLmooc BC Affinity Conversations

CLmooc BC Affinity School 2

Connected Learning / Open Education / Participatory Culture Continue reading CLmooc BC Affinity School 2

Clmooc BC Affinity Equity in Pace

spaces that could engage them, inspire them, and encourage them in their interests and learning through tech communication skills that will be used today and in their future Continue reading Clmooc BC Affinity Equity in Pace

Jump Start Momentum

“What will I write about?” is a question often asked by new bloggers. For just getting started, start short. Here’s how! Continue reading Jump Start Momentum

Blogging Ideas Poetry

Sometimes we need a break, a time to just reflect on a moment — like today with sun melting the snow, revealing the browned grass, soaking its melt into the dormant earth as my kitten explored the outside for her first outing.

How about a poem? Continue reading Blogging Ideas Poetry

Looking Back

If I hadn’t set my calendar goals, I would have missed out on the opportunity to learn from others and then share for others. Continue reading Looking Back

Blank Space Option

It stares back at you — it’s glare so bright you need sunglasses— that blank page where no words want to go. Continue reading Blank Space Option