#nablopomo #nablopomoed Veterans Day

Chuck Sheri Ruth Charles scan

Dad, at far right


Day 11

#nablopomo #nablopomoed Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a day of reflection for the men and women who served to protect our country in the armed services. My brother, three uncles, and numerous cousins are among those who chose to serve. It is an honor to know them and thank them. I wish I had pictures and artifacts or stories to share, but I don’t. However, you can visit your local Veterans Center to thank them in person.

Veterans Day is also my dad’s birthday. He’s no longer with us, and did not serve in the military. However, our country served him well, and he, in turn, served the country through the Civilian Conservation Corps. With eleven siblings at home in North Dakota, the salary each month he received helped them survive. I tried to research where he was during this time, but I haven’t that information either. Somewhere in the boxes of photos are letters and pictures I’ve saved.

Looks like I’ll be digging them up.

For today, thank you to those who have served us in the military and in the Civilian Conservation Corps. And thanks to the CCCs for their work, and the New Deal that provided the opportunities.  Seems we and our government can help each other.