#clmooc Poetry Tag

Poetry Tag   #clpoettag #clmooc @kd0602 http://t.co/Pa7XYejhHn pic.twitter.com/Ovpfl2aHeG — Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri) July 1, 2014 I rested under the scrub elm tree, one whose shade everyone tries to park under. A cool breeze gently flowed through the elm leaves, refreshing Continue reading #clmooc Poetry Tag

A Small Voice Gets An Answer

      One Does What One Can A Small Voice is Answered Our dog loves this walk in the park below the transmission lines. She checks every message left by every other creature that walks here. And the scrubby Continue reading A Small Voice Gets An Answer

#clmooc Reflections and Connections 2 #digilit

#clmooc Reflections and Connections 2     What am I learning? More than I thought! Digital Literacies and Connected Learning Today I attended Doug Belshaw’s The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies (@dajbelshaw) session to introduce his new book of the same Continue reading #clmooc Reflections and Connections 2 #digilit

#clmooc Make Log List Reflection

Reflections and Connections #clmooc             Make Cycle 1 Make Log Questions from our Reflections and Connections suggestions: What I’ve Made So Far What did you learn from what you’ve already made? What makes inspired you to Continue reading #clmooc Make Log List Reflection

#clmooc #blogamonth Learning Walk

Gami Link Sharpen The Saw Principal Jessica Johnson explains how she will read and attend conferences, reminding us to Sharpen Our Saws by quoting Steven Covey: Sharpening the saw means preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have – you ! Continue reading #clmooc #blogamonth Learning Walk

#clmooc Starts Monday June 16

It’s Monday (or almost) and time to play! Build your personal learning network. Lurk and learn from others who are creating and making. Join in and make yourself or make together. Share and use ideas in the Make Bank. Read Continue reading #clmooc Starts Monday June 16

#clmooc MMM Make More Memes

Memes: a media element spread on the internet, altered by others, and added to the internet’s dispersed collections. They are fun, often humorous, and sometimes satirical. They can be informative. Dogtrax [ Kevin Hodgson] invites us to continue the #clmooc Continue reading #clmooc MMM Make More Memes

#clmooc The Inspiration Has Begun – Join In

The Summer of Make, Play, Learn has begun at #clmooc ! We’re introducing ourselves with avatars and inspiring each other to try something. In my writing classroom, making avatars and pseudonyms are one of our first goals: creating an avatar Continue reading #clmooc The Inspiration Has Begun – Join In

#clmooc How To Be Me Guide

  Brainstorm Creating a How To Guide seemed daunting, but Chris Butts’s guide mentioned the word recipe, so that become my organizational structure. Since this will be public and sharable, I thought I’d create a more generic image of my Continue reading #clmooc How To Be Me Guide

#clmooc Make Log

Make Log for CLMOOC Documenting #clmooc activities….  What is an alternative to Flickr’s portfolio? I jumped back to my thinklink.com site [ they have a summer challenge also ]. I found my makes, starting with two I started this year, taking Continue reading #clmooc Make Log

#clmooc Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to Summer!   Have you considered what you will learn this summer? How about a summer connecting with other educators and making stuff? That’s what CLMOOC is all about: Making Learning Connected so we can update and revitalize our Continue reading #clmooc Welcome and Introduction

Whose image is it?

I love poster images and inspirational quotes. Sometimes they just make my day or encourage me to keep going. Images create emotional responses and so are a powerful addition to our communications. But whose images do we use? I favorited Continue reading Whose image is it?

In Real Time Data Moves Forward Add Yours with #clmooc

In Real Time: Click to see data move forward this second… Click the animation to open the full version (via PennyStocks.la). [Sources at bottom of linked page.] What do we do with so much data?  Make sense of it, and Continue reading In Real Time Data Moves Forward Add Yours with #clmooc