#clmooc Blog Conversations

 Photo Credit: Collin Key via Compfight   What is a conversation? A conversation, the give and take of ideas among people. We converse in the hallway, at dinner, or any time we meet. We listen to the stories of our friends, and we Continue reading #clmooc Blog Conversations

#clmooc #geniushour #makerfaire Inspired by 82nd and Fifth Museum Art

Have you been participating in MakerFaire, Connected Learning [#clmooc ], or Digital Storytelling DS106? Has your school embraced #geniushour ? All of these deal with our passions, interests, and sense of community. We love to create things from our interests Continue reading #clmooc #geniushour #makerfaire Inspired by 82nd and Fifth Museum Art

#teachtheweb #clmooc Explore the Make Intro

  I believe we must #teachtheweb. I didn’t even make it to the Explore information today, but clicked directly to the community forum leading me to create two makes, both remixes from @chadsansing but highly influenced by @clhendricksbc . See what we’ve Continue reading #teachtheweb #clmooc Explore the Make Intro

#teachtheweb Connected Learning

Open. Connect. Learn. In #teachtheweb Explore Course, my first make is to explain “What is connected learning?” Thanks to FuzzyFox’s work which I remixed. I thought and wondered what in a few words could connected learning mean? What image [left] Continue reading #teachtheweb Connected Learning