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I believe we must #teachtheweb. I didn’t even make it to the Explore information today, but clicked directly to the community forum leading me to create two makes, both remixes from @chadsansing but highly influenced by @clhendricksbc .

See what we’ve done in the links below — do you see we are reflecting as much on understanding each other’s ideas as much as introducing ourselves? This is what “making” is all about. I think it’s quite an important “standard.”

A Little About Sheri based on A Little About Chad and A Little About Christina

Christina Quote based on Laura Quote  [ Laura Hilliger ] from Chad.

Somehow I managed to discover a Digital_Is treat: a  “zine” thimble by Chad, remixed by @dogtrax   Check it out!




on “#teachtheweb #clmooc Explore the Make Intro
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    • Hi Kevin. I’m sure things are crazy with #clmooc and all your other school and family projects. I love what they’re doing at Mozilla with #teachtheweb and would love to keep up, but I dabble and digress into projects that fit my classroom and family. Thanks for checking in.

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