#teachtheweb #clmooc Explore the Make Intro

  I believe we must #teachtheweb. I didn’t even make it to the Explore information today, but clicked directly to the community forum leading me to create two makes, both remixes from @chadsansing but highly influenced by @clhendricksbc . See what we’ve Continue reading #teachtheweb #clmooc Explore the Make Intro

#teachtheweb Connected Learning

Open. Connect. Learn. In #teachtheweb Explore Course, my first make is to explain “What is connected learning?” Thanks to FuzzyFox’s work which I remixed. I thought and wondered what in a few words could connected learning mean? What image [left] Continue reading #teachtheweb Connected Learning

Credo I believe… #clmooc #teachtheweb

  What do you believe? That’s the question / make this week for our #clmooc. I was honored to participate in the Hangout on Monday with an amazing group of educators. The Make With Me hangout discussed credos, featuring +TERRY ELLIOTT +Chris Lawrence +Chad Continue reading Credo I believe… #clmooc #teachtheweb

Intro #clmooc w #openspokes Transformation Reformation #teachtheweb

Summer (northern hemisphere) Thinking: What Could I Learn? Have you thought of building your PLN (Personal Learning Network)? Have you wondered how you could change your teaching to be more in tune with how kids want to learn today? How Continue reading Intro #clmooc w #openspokes Transformation Reformation #teachtheweb

What in the world… #teachtheweb Week 4

 For week four, I wrote learning goals using the provided template for a project I have started with my sixth grade students which we will continue next fall, hopefully in grades 6, 7, and 8. I will share this “Share Continue reading What in the world… #teachtheweb Week 4