What in the world… #teachtheweb Week 4

choose2matterplain For week four, I wrote learning goals using the provided template for a project I have started with my sixth grade students which we will continue next fall, hopefully in grades 6, 7, and 8. I will share this “Share the Web Soapbox” project with my students.

Here are our first projects and directions: What In the World…

We will apply our Common Core State Standards which apply for  #teachtheweb while following our interests and passions, writing the web with media literacy.

The goal is to introduce students to an open web, a transparent, sharing web in which their projects matter, and their voice can be heard. We will read, write, and share on projects that matter to us, learning to code, to search, to read, to write, to convince, to collaborate.


What do you think?


Reference Projects

Angela Maiers Choose 2 Matter

Denise Krebs What action will I take?

Karen Fasimpaur What is open?