#clmooc #ff Friday Connections and Resources #clresources

I learned so much today, late Thursday night and early Friday morning for our #clmooc: Connected Learning Massive Open Online Course sponsored by the National Writing Project through its Educator Innovator Network for a Summer of Making and Connecting, with partners, the John D. and Continue reading #clmooc #ff Friday Connections and Resources #clresources

Intro #clmooc w #openspokes Transformation Reformation #teachtheweb

Summer (northern hemisphere) Thinking: What Could I Learn? Have you thought of building your PLN (Personal Learning Network)? Have you wondered how you could change your teaching to be more in tune with how kids want to learn today? How Continue reading Intro #clmooc w #openspokes Transformation Reformation #teachtheweb

#openspokes on Failure, Video Games, and Course Structure

http://flic.kr/p/eCqVpf As always, our Fellowship of the Open Spokes inspires me to reflect on improving the learning and teaching in my classroom. This week’s topic is failure, and that has far-reaching implications for both students and teachers. Please look at Continue reading #openspokes on Failure, Video Games, and Course Structure

#openspokes challenge: Failure

failure.003, a photo by teach.eagle on Flickr. Open Spokes Challenge Topic: Failure “The language we use is important, and so I think it is important that we have these discussions to tease-out what we mean, and as Varena says, create Continue reading #openspokes challenge: Failure