#clmooc Podcast 1 Interests

Today, technology allows us to connect with others with like interests: Connected Learning

Try iPadio. Respond with a comment in iPadio and share your link below.

If using a browser that shows a blank space, click here to listen.

Note: To share a link in the comment use this code formatting:

<a href=”url”>Your Title</a>

To help readers find podcasts on my blog, I created a category “Podcast” and use a tag “podcast”

I created a page Podcast with the first post on it and directions for writing a link to a podcast reply (also listed above).

In a text widget, I created a link to the “Podcast” category, which will show all podcast posts. Look at the top of my sidebar.

I could just link to iPadio but I may use iPadio for more than one purpose, so this way I can have my education podcasts here.


Weekly Parent Podcast about the week

Writing Prompts as questions, wonders, possibilities

Review of the week, mentioning student work

And your ideas are… please leave a response below!


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  1. Kay! Such great ideas. Thanks for sharing. I love both ideas. The snippets for enticing readers could be placed on one blog, or in a category on a blog so students could skim through all of them. I especially like the poetry idea also so students can see how their words flow, and how lines and punctuation create the flow. Thank you!

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