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#clmooc #ff Friday Connections and Resources #clresources


I learned so much today, late Thursday night and early Friday morning for our #clmooc: Connected Learning Massive Open Online Course sponsored by the National Writing Project through its Educator Innovator Network for a Summer of Making and Connecting, with partners, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and Mozilla (See Connected Learning ).

I’d like to thank +Jordan Lusink  for show us how to create our own Game of Thrones Family Arms. I couldn’t quite make it work; it kept replacing the second icon with the third I tried to add, so I stayed with two. It’s fun though. Try it.

Next, I found a kindred spirit in +Kim Doillard who loves photography. I love what her connected network is doing with photography and art. Be sure to check it out. I’m in three photo groups, although we are more casual about it, and use manipulated photos and screenshots as well. On Flickr check out #TFotoFri, a Friday teacher’s group by @mrsdkrebs and myself; #JJAProject, a June, July, August teacher photo group started by @plnaugle, and #edugood, a teacher group looking for the good in education by @venspired. April is poetry month, so for #NaPoWriMo I wrote a poem each day for our #edugood topic: My #NaPoWriMo. It’s great to find new connections based on our interests.

Then I found a fellow Picasohead in +Mary Ann Powell. I think everyone should try Picassohead; discover the hidden artist in you. Thanks, Mary Ann.

+Traci Gardner created a tagxedo I didn’t know could be. It’s really a great idea; think of what you could do with this. A student-generated class slogan to live up to in a shape that matches the message. Print it out as a reminder. Make bookmarks out it and talk about it all year. Thanks, Tracy. My students will love it.

Have you heard of Visify? I’ve heard about it, seen references to it for awhile, but breezed over it. I caught the wind in my sails though when I read +Celeste Regal‘s visify biography. Her’s is done very well, and is a model of how your information can be graphically arranged for a professional biography online. It convinced me to try it out: My Bio. You can fine tune it through editing. Have fun, and share yours in our #clmooc community and in a comment below.

Finally, +Kelly Mogk and +Christina Dimicelli discovered Cinebeat, an free iOS app by Smule. All you do is point your iPad or iPhone camera towards a subject and press record for a short message, then point at another object and record, repeat a third time. Next choose your music and effects and share to FB, Twitter, or via email. Here’s mine, a thank you for the beautiful message from our granddaughter. What will you create with it?

It’s #FF, and I think you should check out the makes of Kelly, Christina, Tracy, Mary Ann, Kim, and Jordan. They’re fantastic “makers!” I thank them for sharing so I could learn more!  Who did you thank today for helping you?







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  1. Aha, another NaNoHead! I’ve been doing NaNoWriMo since 2004. Are you going to try Camp NaNoWriMo next month? I started Spring Camp but it didn’t work out. The mantra there is get back on, although I may be just a November person. Anyway, Camp does not have to be novel writing. It’s more free form: a poem a day, a script, creative non-fiction, etc. I bet it would fit right in with #lcmooc. If not, I’ll be wicked a stepsister and just *make* it fit.

    ~ V

    • Vanessa, Thanks for the reminder and encouragement to participate in NaNoWriMo. I read on the camp site or a related blog that some people use their research/study time as part of their Camp time — each hour of study is a thousand words. I’m sure most teachers could apply that strategy — reading and blogging fit together in most summer teacher projects. Thanks for the suggestion to join. Sheri

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