#teachtheweb #clmooc Explore the Make Intro

  I believe we must #teachtheweb. I didn’t even make it to the Explore information today, but clicked directly to the community forum leading me to create two makes, both remixes from @chadsansing but highly influenced by @clhendricksbc . See what we’ve Continue reading #teachtheweb #clmooc Explore the Make Intro

Curate Annotate Future #clmooc Final Make

Thank you again to the participants and facilitators of #clmooc. It’s been a connective, reflective, detective adventure. I appreciate the feedback conversations and tips to move from failure to success, and I hope I have helped others. This has been Continue reading Curate Annotate Future #clmooc Final Make

What in the world… #teachtheweb Week 4

 For week four, I wrote learning goals using the provided template for a project I have started with my sixth grade students which we will continue next fall, hopefully in grades 6, 7, and 8. I will share this “Share Continue reading What in the world… #teachtheweb Week 4