#clmooc G+ Image Uploads How To


How do I share the things I’m making?

One easy way for many of  the free tools we are using in #clmooc is to take a screenshot:

Take a Screenshot with a Mac

Take a Screenshot with a PC

Take a Screenshot with a PC: Snipping Tool



Once you have your screenshot, here’s how to upload it in our #clmooc Google Plus Community.  Upload images when making a new post. Click the “Photos” icon.









You’ll see how to upload by dragging,  by navigating to your file on your computer, or finding photos in your Google account.


















Next, add your message and then choose who you will send to: people, circles, or communities. Here I’m choosing the Connected Learning  clmooc community:






















Next you will be asked to choose from the community’s categories — I’m choosing introductions:






















Before you share, you can edit your image and add text:


































Be sure to add the #clmooc hashtag into your post so it will show up on the side and people can search for it.

Click share, and there you go! You’ve uploaded your screenshot or image from your computer!
















Awesome!  Now let’s start sharing what we’re making! Enjoy…