#clmooc Light Connections

   What could we do for Light? How about neon poetry?  Ask, and the challenge is accepted . That is the spirit of #clmooc    Here is our finished collaboration with poets Sheri Edwards Kevin Hodgson Susan Watson Terry Elliott Continue reading #clmooc Light Connections

#clmooc #middleschool Inspiration

  Inspiration is all around. One place is #clmooc. That is a Connected Learning Massive Open Online Collaboration. I was involved as a participant and as part of the support team. Read about my #clmooc experience and learn about Connected Learning. It really isn’t anything Continue reading #clmooc #middleschool Inspiration

#clmooc #light #constellation collaboration

  Chief Astronaut: Kevin Hodgson In Week 5, our challenge was light. How do we make and write with light? Under the inspiration of Kevin Hodgson , we were invited to remake the night sky with our own constellations and stories. Continue reading #clmooc #light #constellation collaboration

#clmooc #light Like Dandelions

Kim Douillard’s Sunshine on a Stem Yes, I love these words, so powerful in their simplicity and wish. Interestingly, Kim doubted her metaphor, and shared it out to us for comment. When I read her post, I smiled, knowing that Continue reading #clmooc #light Like Dandelions

#clmooc #constellation Three Brown Dots

  Three Brown Dots of the Southern Sky  To say the name is to say the story. Three Brown Dots Long ago when we people struggled for survival, we found a friend in the wolf. Yes, often he tagged along Continue reading #clmooc #constellation Three Brown Dots

#CCSSBlog Think Integrative Think Interactive

Common Core: What Works? On a field trip with my sixth grade students, we stopped at a park across the street from an ice cream parlor. As I walked back from the store to the park with the last group Continue reading #CCSSBlog Think Integrative Think Interactive

#clmooc #k6diglit Invitation to Stay Connected

Margaret Simon asks a question: Tapping Student Connections How do we tap into student interests and create online learning environments for them to connect to and learn from?  That is the question for DigLit Sunday bloggers from Margaret Simon.  And Continue reading #clmooc #k6diglit Invitation to Stay Connected

#clmooc Writing Hacking Defining Week 4 Reflection #k6diglit

Writing Hacking Defining Today, I celebrate conversation, and the continuing celebrations each day at #clmooc. In the Hangouts and chats, in our posts, we continue the conversation about writing and making and hacking. I keep thinking about the conversations about Continue reading #clmooc Writing Hacking Defining Week 4 Reflection #k6diglit

#clmooc Invitation Middle School Educators

An Invitation to Connect Middle School Educators Teachers, Principals, Librarians, etc. As a member of #clmooc, I created two collaborative spaces: Connect in the Middle and Connect 2 Learn to provide a space for middle school educators to connect and plan for Continue reading #clmooc Invitation Middle School Educators

#clmooc teach writers

br /> Please read this important post by Kim Douillard: https://thinkingthroughmylens.wordpress.com/2014/07/08/a-burr-in-your-sock/ I’m thinking about these powerful words Kim wrote “I worry about who in our schools gets the most formulaic writing. Why are our English learners, our students of color, Continue reading #clmooc teach writers

#clmooc Adjacent Possible and Embodied Learning

Adjacent Possible, Embodied Learning,  and Verbal Learning: Connected Learning Principles and Values  Reflection inspired by Terry Elliott Note: Connected Learning Principles ConnectedLearning_report.pdf. (n.d.). Retrieved July 7, 2014, from http://dmlhub.net/sites/default/files/ConnectedLearning_report.pdf Interest Powered “When a subject is personally interesting and relevant, learners achieve Continue reading #clmooc Adjacent Possible and Embodied Learning