#clmooc teach writers

br /> Please read this important post by Kim Douillard: https://thinkingthroughmylens.wordpress.com/2014/07/08/a-burr-in-your-sock/ I’m thinking about these powerful words Kim wrote “I worry about who in our schools gets the most formulaic writing. Why are our English learners, our students of color, Continue reading #clmooc teach writers

#clmooc Adjacent Possible and Embodied Learning

Adjacent Possible, Embodied Learning,  and Verbal Learning: Connected Learning Principles and Values  Reflection inspired by Terry Elliott Note: Connected Learning Principles ConnectedLearning_report.pdf. (n.d.). Retrieved July 7, 2014, from http://dmlhub.net/sites/default/files/ConnectedLearning_report.pdf Interest Powered “When a subject is personally interesting and relevant, learners achieve Continue reading #clmooc Adjacent Possible and Embodied Learning