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IMG_7704 I rested under the scrub elm tree, one whose shade everyone tries to park under. A cool breeze gently flowed through the elm leaves, refreshing me from the warmth of the morning. A small songbird flitted from tree to tree, singing to each person, returning to each spot as if she were a messenger, reminding us to remember this day.  I captured her song in a Vine:


Then I remembered it was Game Week at #clmooc . As a sixth grade teacher years ago, my students and I made stapled small pads of slips of paper in class — about 2 1/2 inches by 4 inches — that would fit in our pockets so we could capture the phrases we said or considered that could be great lines in a story or poem. With today’s technology, this would now be so easy to create and share.

So I snapped my picture:

IMG_7703And wrote my poem:

A gentle breeze

soothes the summer heat

and songbirds chirp a wish

that we cherish this day.


And combined both into Visual Poetry

cherish songbirds treesAnd now I notice that I should drop the “day.” But we’re looking for the snippet of the scene, a memory of the moment, captured to save for revision and adaption on another day.

I sent out an invitation tweet to #poetrytag, not realizing that hashtag is already taken, so I’ve chosen #clpoettag #clmooc for this Poetry Tag.

The rules?

1. When a phrase strikes you, tweet it out to #clpoettag #clmooc

2. If desired, make it pretty or add a picture, though not required

3. If you notice the tag, reply with your own phrase, including hashtags #clpoettag #clmooc

4. Optional: tag someone with your post and that person must either:

a. reply with an image to match within one day

b. reply with a new phrase within in one day

5. On Thursdays, see what thunder we have worked with words — Options:

a) gather a few lines of each entry and post a poem with credits

b) work with one of the participants to create a poem together, incorporating each participants’ lines and post with credits

c) post means to post the poem to twitter — make it an image [screen shot or other visual]

 6. Change any rules as desired to keep the connected learning poetry tag game alive.

I wonder if we should start a google slideshow for step five [5]  We’ll see what happens on Thursday.

How about it?  Anyone game?


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  1. Summer heat
    soothes the songbird
    while I wallow in the dead calm
    waiting for someone to come
    and turn the pages on my book
    so I can sip my iced tea in

    (I will move this poem along, following your game)

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