#clmooc iTune Family Fun

itunefamilyfunWant creative and critical thinkers?

Use the power of the internet to learn vocabulary, metaphor, analogy, bias, etc.

“iTune” Family Fun

This can be adapted to classrooms, don’t you think?


Get to know each other better, and learn to use keywords to find the desired topics.

Explain your choices and have fun.

Equipment: One or more devices hooked to the internet.

Purpose: Choose an appropriate song that fits the topic and person for your search.


A topic is chosen.

Each person decides which other person s/he will choose a song for that fits that topic.

Use the search tool at iTunes Music Store to type in key words for the topic and the person. When you find a song that fits, call out “iTune.”

That person shares/plays the sample file first after everyone has chosen a song.

The person for whom the song was chosen decides if the song fits. (If using only one device, decide who searches first and take turns.)

The winner– usually everyone is a winner because everyone justifies each choice made.


1. Gather your people.

2. Connect to the iTunes Music Store.

3. Decide on a topic. Ideas: Peace, Beach, Lonely, Grand Coulee Dam, Serenity, monsters, candy, etc.

4. Each person uses that key word or any related words to find a song to fit the topic and chooses the person in the game they will find a song for.

Example: For Serenity, I knew immediately that Scott and I enjoy the serenity of our small home, so the song, “Our House” by Crosby, Stills, and Nash would fit well. I typed in “Our House” and found the CSN version, calling out “iTune.” It would work for Scott or myself.

My granddaughter (age 11 at the time) searched for herself, choosing the song, “Serenity,” by Godsmack.

5. When the song you chose is found, call out, “iTune.” If using more than one device, wait until all players have found their songs. Then take turns sharing in the order in which “iTune” was claimed. If using only one device, sharing may occur at the time you find your song. Share by playing the sample  30 second clip.

6. Usually, the justification is obvious, but the person for whom the song was chosen may request justification for that choice. The person who chooses it, explains the choice. It may be a phrase from the song, the beat, the meaning implied, or a pun that resulted in the choice.

For instance, to find a song for Scott, a newspaper publisher, my granddaughter might choose “All Nighter” by Salt Peanuts–because it sometimes takes late into the night to put the paper out, and salty peanuts make a great snack for the night. Or I might enter “Free Press” and choose “Herbert Harper’s Free Press News (Electric Mud)” by Muddy Waters because the truth can’t run or hide if we have a free press.

Since justification is relative to the person, we discuss the choices related to each person–the chooser and the recipient–and so learn more about each other.

7. Winner: 1) Everyone wins who tries; 2) The person who makes the most appropriate choices.

So have fun, learn about each other, and enjoy the music.