#DigiLit Sunday GiverCraft #EDGamify

DigiLit Sunday is a Sunday post on literacy, an invitation by Margaret Simon, to share literacy strategies and tools for the classroom. This week’s list of bloggers: Sunday, November 16, 2014.     Something exciting is happening to the balance of my Continue reading #DigiLit Sunday GiverCraft #EDGamify

#clmooc Play is the game

Play / Collaboration Play is the game, and collaboration is the strategy. Mindshift’s Jordan Shapiro article reiterates this: Play is useful because it simulates real life experience — physical, emotional, and/or intellectual — in a safe, iterative and social environment, not Continue reading #clmooc Play is the game

#clmooc #toyhack Being Yourself

Week 2 of #clmooc is #toyhack provided us with a chance to hack something tangible and familiar. Its purpose was to help us stretch out to experience “the make.” In the Twitter Chat, Joe Dillon reminded us that we are “developing Continue reading #clmooc #toyhack Being Yourself