STUBC Google Drawing Characters

Need a character?

Are you creating a slideshow or poster or drawing and need a character? Perhaps you’d like a new avatar?

Google drawing is your answer — just using basic shapes, you can easily create a character or creature for your projects.

We don’t need perfect– just a shape!

First of all, you could take hours creating in Google Drawings– but don’t! Perfection isn’t what’s needed– but a quick creation that others can immediately understand as a character– like perhaps the above girl or the dragon here:

Just use simple shapes!

Use simple shapes and quickly arrange them into your creature or character. Here’s how I do it so it doesn’t take forever:

  1. Create a basic shapes sketch on paper.

Notice I’ve only used circles, ovals, triangles, a rectangle, a line. Easy.

2. Open up Google Drawings and choose the shapes

Choose the shapes for your creature and arrange them into your creature.

3 Add fill and borders of different thicknesses to create the effect you want.

See this in the outside border and the dragon’s head.

4 Arrange shapes to create the effect needed

You can group, flip, rotate, bring forward or backward.

You can see that my dragon nose does not have a border and is positioned in the front of the head so that it fits together. I chose “lightning” for the pupils but kept them black to match the effect. You’ll soon be making great design choices and quickly move the shapes around to create a character or creature that matches the ideas you have in your project. Example

5. Save, link, download.

Title— on your picture if you want and for your drawing document.

Share: If you are going to share the creature, choose the share button to get the link [choose how you want to share].  My Dragon is viewable but not downloadable. I use this dragon in my books!

Download: To insert the creature into my post I downloaded it as “.png” which means the background will be transparent. This is especially important if you want to add this to a slide and want the image of the creature to be placed next to others — just the image will be downloaded, but the white background will be clear– transparent.

If you choose .jpg, the dragon will have a white square behind it.


Remember: perfection is not the goal. Once you practice drawing the sketch and choosing shapes, using the colors fills, borders, and the arrangement tools, you’ll be able to create a creature or character quickly and easily.

Once you have a set of characters, you can drag them on and off the drawing to create different posters for your projects. Example

For more tips, see this next post: More Google Drawing Tips

What avatar, character, or creature will you create?


How To Use Basic Shapes in Google Drawings



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  1. Hello, my name is Alexander, I have found that your your blog is very helpful. I have tried to use google drawings before to make simple shapes but not characters or Avatars.

    • Hi Alexander, I’m glad the idea of avatars in Google drawings was helpful. It’s fun to do. What type of avatars would you create? Would you create a book character or a movie character? Would you invent your own?

      I hope you try it and share your character in the comments so others see what is possible.

      Thanks for letting others know. ~ Sheri

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