Slice of Life Inter-Net Inspiration

inspiration, collaboration, process, and poetry– connecting with others in a better world Continue reading Slice of Life Inter-Net Inspiration

Day 32 Why Cant I

Why Can’t I? to How Can I? and How Can We? Continue reading Day 32 Why Cant I


Getting pretty excited about #WriteOut — a placed-based collaboration by the National Park Service and the National Writing Project. It’s a time to follow your nose out and about wherever you are– urban, rural, and in-between — to touch bases Continue reading WriteOut

First Days

Would it be helpful to share particular strategies we use to start the year? Continue reading First Days


Poetry is personal; it is not perfect nor does it need to rhyme: it is emotion and memory and meaning from your heart about what’s simple and yet important in your life. That’s what makes them profound, especially to the author– you. Continue reading NaPoWriMo