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Every day I participate in the Daily Create— today it is #ds106 @ds106dc #tdc3724 A Random Leap Poem. We need to click the link at tdc3724 to open a random Wikipedia page to which we write a poem.

My leap took me to the Palace of Tau in Reims, France. The palace was named for its design— the shape of the Greek letter Tau, or T.

That took me to the Greek Letter Tau [not to be confused with Tao] where I learned that the letter is a symbol used many ways, included several for physics:

  • Proper time in relativity
  • Absorption of sunlight
  • Torque
  • Notation for Time, to not confuse with temperature

In addition, St Francis of Assisi considered the Greek Letter, a cross that represented life and redemption. If you look at pictures of St Francis, you’ll notice the the three knots on his belt– which represent his tau, his three important beliefs: brother love, penance, and peace. He was the first to share a nativity scene, to bring the community together in love with God’s created world, where creatures are also revered.

Ideas I gleaned from St Francis and Tao:

  • life
  • cross
  • brotherly love, penance, peace
  • nativity
  • Brother Sun, Sister Moon, Brother Wind, Water, Fire, and Earth

I took those ideas and wrote them around the Letter T– with the main focus of physics and St Francis on the left, with a connection or comment on the right.

I included St Francis’s three knots on the left turned to crosses on the right.

I added the pictures of the Greek Letter Tau, St Francis, and the palace to submit to the Daily Create.

Writing Process

That became my daily create, but I took the right side of the DC poem and rewrote it– reorganizing, adding to, and revising it to show how we shine our light continuously [as in sunlight and relativity] within the forces of nature and without force or malice, but with brotherly love to bring peace and unity to our communities. How did I include all of this? I created an image with annotations to show my thoughts as I rewrote the poem, which I placed on my own photo of our local park, with the sunlight shining through the clouds to the creatures on earth.

I know we aren’t perfect as humans, but we strive to be better for the world despite much adversity, and that is the focus of the poem.


T Tau is Life

Rain or Sun
Day or Night
in the speed we light, we shine
and shepherd
through esteemed
Brother Sun,
Sister Moon,
Brother Wind,
constants we cherish, we challenge
and channel,
not as absorbed,
not as a moment of force,
yet as ever constant
as ever vital
with verve
simply in brotherly love,
and peace—
Love and Care,
Penance as Responsibility,
Peace for Earth,
It’s creatures
redeemed nativity
in community
we speed, we urge
and resurge
through storm or salvo
a light
a hope
for unity

Sheri Edwards
032422 083.365.22

Your Turn

Once again, search for an image on a topic that inspires you. Be sure to find images that allow use, such as Public Domain or Creative Commons. These Edublogs posts may help you find images.

Research a bit about your topic and then connect it to your own ideas, blending the two.


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    • Kevin, The thing about the Daily Create is that I often find something I know nothing about, and then spend time learning about it, as in this instance. Since I’m retired, I take the time to learn these random things, just because I can and it’s possible with the Internet. So much good out there, if we can keep it. I love March and April because I can try to add to this educational blog, and perhaps give a boost to others with their writing. Thanks for stopping by. Much appreciated. ~ Sheri

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