Slice of Life Late Spring

Writing Inspiration

Today, still, the earth is brown with only bits of green. The area around us seems as brown as the dry October. I yearn for spring and all the light greens and floral colors as life springs anew. But it is not to be, yet. Spring is late.

So I found an October picture from above our little town, with the sun shining as it should on life that slides into dormancy for winter. All still appears that way, and so my color poem of a late spring.

Writing Process

I started with the blahs– the brown and ugly. Though it seems pretty in autumn, by now I am so tired of it. I found the picture and of sun, clouds, and shadow slipping off into the distance of all the same, over and over like I feel. Spring, I think– where are you?

I thought of October as so brown, staying through winter. I know now that it is March, I’m looking for green. But every morning the fog– a misty grey– stays.

So I started with “October’s dry turns winter brown” from that first impression of the brown through the winter. I liked the rhythm of it, and the idea of the colors– moving from brown to green. So the choosing of my words to fit the seasons and their colors with a simple rhythm became my focus– here’s how I thought it out:



October’s dry turns
winter brown
In March we yearn
that greens abound
yet winter yields
a misty grey
and though we plead:
our spring is late.

Sheri Edwards
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Your Turn

For me, I just start writing in phrases– but go ahead and free write on paper or digital a paragraph or two on something that you’ve been noticing around you. Now highlight or bold, if digital, the key words, like my context words. Make some changes to fit a theme or pattern, like my color and seasons do.

Choose a phrase that jumps out at you like I did, and write it down. Perhaps note it’s natural rhythm and begin to build your poem with your pattern, theme, and rhythm in mind. See what you come up with.

Now– you notice, too, that my rhymes aren’t perfect rhymes, but the sounds are close. So don’t fret about that if you’re also choosing to rhyme, which you don’t need to do. A place to help with rhymes is RhymeZone.

I hope you find a poem that helps you write what you notice in the world.


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