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Oh– the day is busy, filled with work and all we want to do is settle in to a good night’s rest. But that darn cat, that darn cat has one more burst of energy and play, and lets us know it. 🙂 But she’s so cute we have to snap a photo and a video and today— a haiku…

Writing Process

It’s easy. That acceptance of a nonhuman creature as human, as part of the family. No matter what she does, it’s cute. It’s one more fact of life, and here she reminded us of our own children, who, when bedtime arrives, have one more burst of energy before the crash into a deep sleep after a busy day. So– the facts

  • the lamp glows a soft light
  • we settle in
  • the cat and one more insistent burst

It’s not earth shattering– it’s simply a slice of life that will pass. And so the haiku syllables and words are chosen:

  • set up in 5 syllables: The night lamp glows as
  • the what and a “but” [which need not be written] in 7 syllables: we settle in for sleep but
  • the twist in 5 syllables: the cat persists in play [a bit of alliteration]


One More Burst

The night lamp glows as
we settle in for sleep but
Cat persists in play.

Sheri Edwards
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A Bit of Media

Of course, I could not resist in creating a video…

Your Turn

You or your friends probably have pets– or even little brothers, sisters, cousins whose actions don’t always line up with your own plans, but plans they have. Remember a moment. Turn it into a set up, a what/but, and the twist. It’s a personal poem [but keep names off to protect the privacy], and thought it is written for you– the way you write it may open up a memory for others. That’s what our words and our poetry does: connect us one to the other in our experiences. See what Slice of Life you can share and write about.


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