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This post is week 7 of 8 in the 8 Weeks of Summer Blog Challenge for educators.

The Prompt:

Professional Learning

Check-in on where you are in your summer learning journey and your overall professional journey.


What? It’s eleven o’clock already?

What? It’s Thursday already?

What? Baby’s kicking a LOT? [great-grandson]

Life happens and going with the flow when interruptions occur makes for a better situation than worrying about what original goals one has intended to accomplish.

So where am I in my summer learning journey and overall goals, despite all the interruptions?

Summer Learning

I’m still on track with helping the community library, renewing CLmooc relationships and projects, helping others with technology, and learning more about my passions of art and photography:

I’ve learned several strategies for my art, found some apps to interpret my photography, and continue updating my tech and community work, as the links above demonstrate.

Overall Professional Learning

I still want to dig into Civic Online Reasoning and include that as a focus point for discourse and learning, perhaps offering a class at our local library to share what I’ve learned.

Of course, I’d also like to share a bit about Fake News and copyright and creative commons as well; it’s important to keep teaching these and update our information.

I’d also like to develop a resource about curation, its process and purpose. I’ve blogged about it here and have several resources collected:

In between the ins and outs, I find time to continue learning for educational and personal pursuits. It’s important to continue learning to remember what it means and how difficult it is to learn something new; it’s important to be ever ready to create an engaging and safe climate for students to do their learning.


Yes, I’m retired, but I’m still learning, because learning is hard fun. I always told my students that, a riff from Donald Murray’s “Writing is hard fun.” One day a student leaned back in her desk and showed me this:

I put it by my phone in the classroom, and I still believe it, because I still enjoy learning.

As you continue your journey and find interruptions from life, remember that life is the journey and you’ll get done what you need to, and the rest you can save for retirement. 🙂

What? It’s Saturday, and Week 7 was LAST Sunday…


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  1. Oh, Sheri, what a fun post! You have definitely had a productive summer. I just got lost for a while looking through your lovely artwork. (I had forgotten about the AskWhatElse site.) But, alas, I had to stop and get going…back to Bahrain today. A first great grandchild on the way. Wow! Congratulations, and the sketches of the sweet little family are just beautiful.

    All the best,

    • Thanks Denise,

      Baby is so ready but too stubborn to leave his cozy home! We’re all getting anxious!

      Have a safe flight and a great year! See you in the blogging spaces! ~ Sheri

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