My About #etmooc: What is it?



January-March, 2013

A journey of connected conversation with colleagues, newly noticed…

What is it?

  • et: educational technology
  • mooc: massive open online course
    • massive: hundreds of participants
    • open: free and open to all
    • online: all online
    • course: personalized course: what do you want to learn?
  • A community of learners connecting, communicating, considering, contributing, collaborating, creating, and curating a body of knowledge open and shared by all based on the needs of the participants
  • Key Words: Connect, Contribute, Create, Curate

Why do it?

  • Connect, Consider, Contribute, Create, Curate
  • Because:
    • Live in rural area far behind the rest of the world in access and understanding of possibilities
    • Must create understanding and use of infused technology for my learners
    • Connecting and contributing will build my professional learning network to help guide my decisions to provide the most positive learning environment for my students and myself

 What are the expectations?

  • Questions to answer:
    • Given the access, technology, resources, and requirements available to me, how can I create a classroom world reflective of what my students need in the future that is theirs?
    • How do I need to adapt my pedagogy to create that classroom?
    • How will like-minded teachers connect and collaborate to create connected spaces for themselves and with their students?
  • Answers to question:
    • Pass the test.
    • Enable students to become thinking, caring, productive persons using high standards in a positive environment.
    • Engage.
    • Imagine.
    • Wonder.
    • Solve.
    • Enjoy.

 Where is the information?


This is my About #etmooc reference page, but I wanted it as a post also for others.

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