Coalesced Connections at #etmooc

Overwhelmed. Learning. Connecting. Contributing. Moving forward. However, Ben Wilkoff reminds us that:

Please join this vialogue with Ben’s vlog, “Mutually Beneficial Friction: How We Stop Skimming The Surface Of Ideas” which includes an excerpt from Rodd Lucier’s socialcam post, “Like Spokes on a Wheel.”

This is my making-meaning space as a novice and island — a beginner searching for connections and meaning to apply and extend in my learning space. Thank you Ben and Rodd for helping me clarify what I need to do:

Make meaning from the bits and act to create change in education. 

 My questions?  Here I sort my questions to begin: My About #etmooc

Please add your comments to help others with tools and strategies to make their own meaning:

What is your question? Where is your meaning-making space? How will you connect and share?

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on “Coalesced Connections at #etmooc
One Comment on “Coalesced Connections at #etmooc
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