Connected In The Middle #etmooc #midleved

  If I’m conversing with my global partner, my partner is my teacher. After the conversation and chat in the webinar for  #etmooc, I needed to reflect on how connected learning looks at the middle school level. And, of course, Denise, Continue reading Connected In The Middle #etmooc #midleved

Expanding Universes #etmooc #midleved

  Small Universe: My Hub I’m still getting a handle on this #etmooc. And I think I’ve got it. If you are still unsure, just watch the video at The Clever Sheep by Rodd Lucier. He discusses the hub of our Continue reading Expanding Universes #etmooc #midleved

You Are What You Curate #ETMOOC

  Do you wonder how to organize all the ideas you want to keep so you can do something with them? I’ve been introduced to Storify, Pearltrees, and IFTTT as ways to annotate and organize those bits of information I want to synthesize and share Continue reading You Are What You Curate #ETMOOC