Digital Literacies Education #etmooc

Think… If you are connected to and participating in a personal learning network, then you understand the culture of today’s connected and public world. Perhaps you have created lessons and projects using Google Docs, a Wiki, or Twitter to collaborate Continue reading Digital Literacies Education #etmooc

Digital Adventure Story-5 Slides-5 Artists-2 Stories #etmooc

We’re on our way to 5 adventure stories. Enjoy our presentation (here’s how we started- Adventure Collaboration ). Who are we? @gallit_z   @MsLHall   @lindapemik   @mrsdkrebs  @grammasheri Imagine your own story as you flip through the slides 1-6. On slide seven Continue reading Digital Adventure Story-5 Slides-5 Artists-2 Stories #etmooc

Maker Scratch: #medialabcourse

As I tinker I’m a thinker; Thinking how and where and why. As a thinker my mind tinkers; Thinking try and risk and learn. If a teacher leads the learners Learning with them: create, share, revise. Then our learners lead Continue reading Maker Scratch: #medialabcourse

Week Two #etmooc Goals

Goals for #etmooc, reviewed: As I embarked on this journey in #etmooc , I asked these questions: Given the access, technology, resources, and requirements available to me, how can I create a classroom world reflective of what my students need in Continue reading Week Two #etmooc Goals

Learn everywhere #etmooc #ceetopen popcorn

We learn everywhere… In #etmooc and #ceetopen, we encourage collaborative learning by challenging each other to try building artifacts that demonstrate understanding. Our #ceetopen participants (and my PLN buddies Scott Boylen and Denise Krebs ) recorded very short videos of Continue reading Learn everywhere #etmooc #ceetopen popcorn

An Adventure — Digital Story Collaboration #etmooc #ceetopen

An Adventure in 5 by GrammaSheri How do you create an adventure story? You invite your Professional / Personal Learning Neighborhood to join in on the fun! Inspired by Digital StoryTelling #etmooc number seven (Choose Your Own Adventure), I adapted Continue reading An Adventure — Digital Story Collaboration #etmooc #ceetopen

Remix: Beauty of Connected Stories #etmooc

Stories: crystals of life held for time… A remix…   Watch Darren Kuropatwa‘s archived session here, learn from Darren’s Slides and find more resources here. During the session Darren asked participants to record and share 5 seconds of video with him via DropitTOme and Continue reading Remix: Beauty of Connected Stories #etmooc

Connect in the Middle: Tweet #midlevt One idea

    Let’s brighten up our connections: Here’s an idea, this first project from 2//11/13 to 2/17/13: Please tweet with #midlevt an idea you are using in your classroom (lesson, tool, strategy). It could be an easy tweet, or link Continue reading Connect in the Middle: Tweet #midlevt One idea

Tracking Your Own Story: Memolane #etmooc

Have you thought of what your own footprint looks like? Or the story it tells? Imagine students curating their footprints — and able to see how their world reaches back through their connections? In the Digital Story Telling review, I Continue reading Tracking Your Own Story: Memolane #etmooc

Best Connectedness Video by@thecleversheep #etmooc #ceetopen

Build your Personal Learning Neighborhood How? Learn from @thecleversheep This presentation of Seven Degrees of Connectedness by Rodd Lucier @thecleversheep is the best introduction to connectedness, to taking a risk and starting to build a Personal/Professional Learning Network (or Neighborhood) I Continue reading Best Connectedness Video by@thecleversheep #etmooc #ceetopen

Connect in the Middle #etmooc

Middle level educators have joined together through tweets (#midlevt), Diigo Group, and a wiki to find common ground and to explore and discover solutions to issues. As we can, we take questions from our #etmooc experience and answer them according to Continue reading Connect in the Middle #etmooc

Adventures: A Choice #etmooc

I’ve been thinking about this “Choose your own adventure,” and “curating multiple paths to learning” that Ben Wilkoff suggests in his Learning is Change series.  My response is this:   Choose A Motivating Environment #etmooc from Sheri Edwards on Vimeo. Continue reading Adventures: A Choice #etmooc

Choose Your Path 5 Card Flickr Story #etmooc

Five Card Story: Choose Your Path a #etmooc story created by sheri42 flickr photo by dmffryed Choose your path   flickr photo by mrsdkrebs Let the tendrils of life flow through old ideas   flickr photo by mrsdkrebs To add Continue reading Choose Your Path 5 Card Flickr Story #etmooc