Connect in the Middle #etmooc

Middle level educators have joined together through tweets (#midlevt), Diigo Group, and a wiki to find common ground and to explore and discover solutions to issues.

As we can, we take questions from our #etmooc experience and answer them according to our mid level focus:

How important is connected learning? Why?

Is it possible for our classrooms to support this kind of learning? If so, how?
What skills and literacies are necessary for connected learning? (and how to assess?)
How do we develop these?
How do we remix what we do to transform our teaching into learning worthy of our students’ futures?”

As we forge our own adventures in connectedness, we often return to the neighborhood of middle level educators for inspiration.  Please consider these responses from our group to the above questions:

Gallit Zvi  (and check out Ben and Gallit’s Neighborhood song!

Denise Krebs  (also check out her #geniushour posts )

Lorraine Boulos (also check out her reflection “Why are we doing this?” )

Sheri Edwards

And please join us if you are involved in middle level education!  If you respond to these questions, or if I, and forgive me if I did, forgot your post so far, have answered the questions, please add a comment below with your link.

If you have other questions, please ask!

Welcome to our neighborhood !