Learn everywhere #etmooc #ceetopen popcorn

We learn everywhere…

In #etmooc and #ceetopen, we encourage collaborative learning by challenging each other to try building artifacts that demonstrate understanding.

Our #ceetopen participants (and my PLN buddies Scott Boylen and Denise Krebs ) recorded very short videos of where we learn and uploaded them to a dropbox from which a single movie was created. Read more here.





The next challenge was to POP that video with another learning story. Here’s mine:


So, I wonder…

How will you use this in your classroom?

What investigative project would work here — pollution — or acts of kindness?

What do you think?

What story could you tell with our video, or one of your own collaboration?



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  1. Sheri,
    How long did that take you to do? Did you already have the video and you added to it this time around? Oh, my! It looks like work, but I can tell that you have your priorities in the right order by all you say and all you show. Thanks for sharing with us!

    • Hi Joy, This was my second POPPED video, so it didn’t take nearly as long. I watched the original video, which was created from seven educators who submitted their videos to a dropbox to be combined as one video. Then we hoped each of the seven would add their own interpretation of our video compilation — with https://popcorn.webmaker.org/ , So I inserted our YouTube URL at Popcorn, watched it a couple times, and finally wrote the story I saw paper as a storyboard (sticky notes). Since this was my second video, it didn’t take very long to insert popups and arrange the timing, perhaps two hours for the whole process, starting, finding images, storyboard, timing. It was inspiring to create from a given video and transform it into another story. Thanks for the questions.

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