Connect in the Middle #etmooc

Middle level educators have joined together through tweets (#midlevt), Diigo Group, and a wiki to find common ground and to explore and discover solutions to issues. As we can, we take questions from our #etmooc experience and answer them according to Continue reading Connect in the Middle #etmooc

Adventures: A Choice #etmooc

I’ve been thinking about this “Choose your own adventure,” and “curating multiple paths to learning” that Ben Wilkoff suggests in his Learning is Change series.  My response is this:   Choose A Motivating Environment #etmooc from Sheri Edwards on Vimeo. Continue reading Adventures: A Choice #etmooc

Choose Your Path 5 Card Flickr Story #etmooc

Five Card Story: Choose Your Path a #etmooc story created by sheri42 flickr photo by dmffryed Choose your path   flickr photo by mrsdkrebs Let the tendrils of life flow through old ideas   flickr photo by mrsdkrebs To add Continue reading Choose Your Path 5 Card Flickr Story #etmooc