You Are What You Curate #ETMOOC


Do you wonder how to organize all the ideas you want to keep so you can do something with them? I’ve been introduced to StorifyPearltrees, and IFTTT as ways to annotate and organize those bits of information I want to synthesize and share in meaning and action. Sue Waters also has just responded to questions about blogging using Storify to curate the tweets and responses! I created this My Storify to try to organize.

I also learned how to gather blog posts and comments in Google Reader from Sue Waters here  and here.  I am creating a folder in Google Reader for the the ETMOOC hub and for the posts I want to curate: annotate, synthesize, share, and act. I just followed Sue’s directions here.

I hope to work with others at the middle school level on the topics of assessment, inquiry, global collaboration,  and teaching for our students’ futures.


This blog post offers more information on curation.  What are your ideas?

“You are what you share.”

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  4. I agree with Lyn Hilt’s ‘you are what you share’ and ‘find what works for you’ when it comes to curation but I think I would give the same advices on curation as I do on writing posts. Focus on satisfying your own personal needs, rather than focusing too much on others; so use the tools that suit how you want to do it and curate to satisfy your own learning needs.

    By doing so it becomes part of how you learn while benefiting others. For example, I used Storify so I could think through what others wanted to know about, while easily adding in resources, as well as making the process transparent, and from there I can evolve it easily into a blog post and presentation.

    Glad my tips are helping!

    • Thanks Sue. I so agree with you on “find what works for you.” Your explanation of your Storify shows how to think through the choice — which tool works best for your needs, which depend on your purpose. With these comments and links to others’ blogs and ideas, I hope that #etmooc participants can jump in with a clearer idea of how to manage and share their learning. I know this has helped me. Thanks, always, for your guidance. Sheri

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