Day 18 Social Distancing

Slice of Life moves on to National Poetry Month and NaPoWriMo.
Be safe– read and write poetry.

Social Distancing Continue reading Day 18 Social Distancing

Looking Back

If I hadn’t set my calendar goals, I would have missed out on the opportunity to learn from others and then share for others. Continue reading Looking Back


What is a PLN? It’s a personal learning neighborhood. We connect online with people around the world to learn with each other. Eventually, we “know” each other in that neighborhood and build friendships. Continue reading Neighborhoods

Happy Birthday ETmooc

A community of learners connecting, communicating, considering, contributing, collaborating, creating, and curating a body of knowledge open and shared by all based on the needs of the participants Continue reading Happy Birthday ETmooc

Happy Birthday CLmooc

Through play and collaboration, we understood the power of ideas shared in ever varied ways according to the best choice of presentation Continue reading Happy Birthday CLmooc

CCCWrite Reflective Bloggers

I’d like to invite my #etmooc and #clmooc colleagues to join — it’s open. Join in the reflection and help out colleagues new to blogging as well as share and connect with new people. Continue reading CCCWrite Reflective Bloggers

#clmooc #lightandshadow

I’ve been missing Kim’s Friday Photos. I wondered where I would find light and shadows in my yard. The day is cool and crisp today but the sun is bright, peeking over the edge of hill across the river, illuminating Continue reading #clmooc #lightandshadow

#140WC Welcome Challenge #clmooc #etmooc

A Challenge On November 10th, 2014 I made a commitment to myself and invited others to join — teachers, students, bloggers. The commitment? Write 140 words each day — 140 words more or less — but write — blog — Continue reading #140WC Welcome Challenge #clmooc #etmooc

#ce14 #clmooc #etmooc Student Agency

How do we help students develop the insight and initiative to be life-long, productive learners contributing to a better world? How do we develop student agency? We know that motivation comes from a desire to learn, a purpose, an authentic Continue reading #ce14 #clmooc #etmooc Student Agency