ETmooc 7

Today was the day. The day old #etmooc friends, who met and collaborated in an online  10 week course by Alec Couros seven years ago, connected again to discuss change: change since we walked together when social media was new.

We discussed many things in answer to these questions:

Things we considered:

  • Benefit of the doubt, compassion, trust, relationships. digital citizenship, digital media, digital leadership
  • “to feel and be felt” [quote from ???} — “how do i dig out that humanity?”  ~ Alec
  • So important: to be connected; to belong
  • resiliency
  • teaching social skills online and offline

If that interests you, check out the slide show above.

It was wonderful to pick up where we left off, to connect and share our common threads of worry and wonder, and to weave each other back into our lives as the #etmooc community continues.

Our concerns and our commitment to be, ourselves, making the world better reminded me of this quote:

What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult to each other?

~George Eliot

Thank you Susan and Erin [@SSpellmanCann and @EHordyskiLuong] for arranging this, and for Alec @courosa for leading us to the door of connecting, caring, and collaboration.

Thank you Alec, Susan, Erin, Paul, Verena, Valeria, Debbie, and Rhonda for another great conversation.

My responses

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