October has been a blast for doodles.


I spent a month doodling for Mandalatober 2019 #mandlatober19, a challenge by Julie Erin. Since I had the app Amaziograph, which is a blast to play with, I joined in.  Most of the artists are actual artists using their paper and ink. Take a look at the hashtag. All my Mandalatobers are here on Flickr: Mandalatober.

#WriteOut / #CLmooc

Each October is a challenge called #inktober

This year my Inktober prompts derived from  #writeout, sponsored by the National Writing Project and the National Park Service. The Doodles, etc. are all about the sharing of photography, photos, or other media in a prompt of the day at The Daily Connector and for everyone who loves to get outdoors and notice the stories of nature and the connections we humans have with that nature– in parks, public places, and our own back yards. Learn more about the project here: NWP Writeout.

And, after today, if you need a prompt for blogging, check out The Daily Connector.

See all my #writeout doodles here on Flickr: Inktober19


See what fun accepting a challenge is?  Just a few minutes a day for some creative art or photography or media fun. It breaks up the busy days and refreshes the soul.

What are your favorite challenges?

What is your November challenge?

Here’s mine: NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month

Start anywhere: Just Start!