CCCWrite Reflective Bloggers

This week while dipping into my Google Plus stream, I found Laura Gibbs post and link to her blog inviting bloggers to join the Reflective Writing Club sponsored by Online Network of Educators. 

I love having a neighborhood of colleagues to learn with, and blogging is a wonderful way to explore shared and diverse ideas, responding to ideas in comments and blog posts to better our pedagogy and open up our minds to other ideas.

So, from January 26th to March 8th I’ll participate with an amazing group of educators from four states and two continents, facilitated by Michelle Pacansky-Brock, Faculty Mentor, Digital Innovation for @ONE. Each week we’ll blog about a prompt, tweet at #CCCWrite, and read and comment others’ posts, maybe even write a new post to connect and add value to their ideas.

I’d like to invite my #etmooc and #clmooc friends to join — it’s open. Join in the reflection and help out colleagues new to blogging as well as share and connect with new people.

I’m looking forward to this.  Thank you, Laura Gibbs, for sharing and inviting us!

Check out what’s happening so far at for CCCLearn

and Twitter #CCCWrite


Come join the conversation!  Sign up here.