Sparkles In Time #WriteOut Zine

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. A prompt today from my CLmooc friends was “Maple Leaves” for the #dndchallenge. Our neighborhood is filled with lovely maples of all kinds, and the leaves share a palette of calming beauty with us each autumn. I love their fluttering in the breeze, the gentle leaf-fall filtering down to the still green lawns and into Fiddle Creek in Cole Park. It’s beautiful and fills my heart with hope.
Sparkles of Time Maple leaves, falling Blue sky, delighting Fiddle Creek, rippling Passing time, sparkling The Universe, unfolding

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The inspiration for the poetry and the art are these many lovely maple trees as I continue with my weekend outdoor adventures as explained in this post “Ripple in Time” for #writeout from the National Writing Project / National Park Service two week celebration of parks and the outdoors. Click the links for many ways and several places and different prompts to explore and write about the outdoors. For now, enjoy a walk through the leaves.


So I also attempted to recreate those photograph as an artistic illustration in Procreate.
There are many layers and a wonderful palette, which I created in the app ProcreateProcreate on my iPad.

Daily Inspirations for WriteOut

And, for the outdoor themes for #writeout, I took the art and poetry a bit farther with the little “zine” idea from the WriteOut Daily Inspirations.
Here’s how I created it:
Enjoy a listen:

Templates for Your Own Zine

If you’d like to create a zine, here are downloads for you, one a pdf in 8.5x11in size and another a link to a Procreate file, if you have the app: Zine_Template Click to download the PDF
It looks like this: Procreate file: Click Zine in Procreate

How to Cut Out Your Zine

Here’s an image that shows how to create and cut on your one-paper 8.5x11in zine [you can right-click to download or see on Flickr hereFlickr here.]:

What In Your Neighborhood Inspires You?

Every where we can find beauty— in the dandelions of the yard, in a potted plant in the window, in the local park. What inspires you?