Autumn Trees #writeout

An Art Prompt

My CLmooc friends doodle every day. I choose the prompt that fit with  #writeout from the National Writing Project / National Park Service two week celebration of parks and the outdoors came from the Facebook Group. Click the links for many ways and several places and different prompts to explore and write about the outdoors.

Today’s prompt from #tinkersketch is #tree so I found a lesson on autumn forest to learn a few new tricks while following along to paint on my iPad a cabin in the autumn woods, above.

An Art Lesson on iPad

If you have an iPad and the app Procreate, you can follow along on many such painting lessons with Calvin the Drifter. Here’s today’s video:

You can take any picture in your iPad photo library and create a palette for the scene or illustration you’re creating. I wrote about it  here: Microcosm.

An Art of Nature

And while on our walk today, the autumn leaves brightened our spirits. Our lovely little town on our side keeps trees lining our streets– making the palette of nature an ever appreciated reminder of the beauty in the world. Though autumn ends the summer and foretells of winter’s cold, it also warms our hearts with its lovely and bright palette, which inspired a poem.

Tree — Nature’s Palette

Summer green in season’s heat
fades with autumn’s cold,
though cool and brisk the autumn breeze
of leaves that shine a yellow bold,
with warming orange and vivid red
soothe the way to winter’s icy hold.

Sheri Edwards
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Your Turn

What in nature did you notice today? What colors inspired you? Have you taken a photo? drawn an illustration? written a poem? For places and how to share, check out their page here: Share Your WriteOut. And if you’ve found a lesson of art for WriteOut, please share.