Why Blog? Four Reasons

Why Blog? 4 Reasons to Blog

Number 4: Your Blog Posts are Archived

Everything on your blog is archived and searchable, a history of your ideas and a timeline of how they’ve evolved and grown.

Others can find that “one story” they remembered from years ago.

You can find all those posts and images on “that topic” so you can refer to or update them.

You can find the posts needed for re-sharing, presenting, summarizing, or writing an eBook to pull the ideas together.

You can create a “Menu” with related posts using categories or tags so your readers can easily find posts on your specialties.

It’s all there for you and your readers.

Number 3: Your Blog Posts are Sharable

Current and archived posts can be shared through its link to any other platform or could be printed.

You choose where you want to share your information, and by choosing the content written in each post, exactly what you want to share. For example, you may write a complex post on several steps to a strategy or directions, but to share only the example, you write a post on just the example with a link to the whole directions. You choose to share either the complex or the simple post. And you choose where to post.

Of course, your readers who love what you write, will also be able to share to their favorite social media and other platforms using the link to the post  or category that interests them and their followers. spreading your ideas further.

Set up different ways of sharing to fit your choice in sharing. The links below click to Edublogs Help Guides:

Number 2: Your Blog Posts are Accessible

No matter where your readers are, they learn where to find you. And you can decide how accessible you want to be.

In Edublogs Help Guide “Change Blog Privacy,” learn how to choose your privacy needs — from password protected blogs to be read by only those you chose, to completely open and searchable by search engines.

Note: any information posted online may become public through the sharing by those readers you allow into your network.

If your intent is to share valuable and helpful information to a larger audience, then your open blog is searchable so that those who didn’t get the link the first time can search and find your blog and posts.

Number 1: Your Blog Posts are A Home

You know something that others want to learn. You create a blog to share so, through your posts and through comments, you and your reader connect and learn together.

Your information has “A Home.” It’s not lost in a Facebook or Twitter stream; It’s not spread out on Instagram or Flickr or Twitter or any other platform.

It starts in your HOME, your blog, where it’s accessible, shareable, and archived.

It’s your spot that with a simple link you can refer people, wherever you connect. Wherever you are in contact with others, you can refer them to your blog, your home for your ideas.

Whether you are a quilter, a crocheter, a knitter, a wrestling or fan-ficton fan, an educator or engineer, a coder or an artist, your blog is your place to produce sharable ideas on your passion. Examples, presentations, directions, how-tos, analyses, summarizations, distillations, timelines, aggregations. Whatever is your purpose for your audience, your blog is your HOME for your ideas on your passion, a curation of what’s important to you to share and connect with others.

Your passion: accessible, shareable, archived.

Your HOME: That’s the best reason to blog!

New to blogging?

Great platforms to start– includes free versions:

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