My Blog: My Home

My Blog is My Home

I’m an educator interested in educational issues and solutions for the best for student learning. So I blog.

You may have an interest in knitting or travel or photography: a blog could be your home too.

Why a Home?

I read and research and create about education — lessons, issues, strategies, etc. I write here, on my blog. I write to share with others — and to connect with others who have a similar interest: I blog to share and I blog to connect.

When I share a post on social media, others can connect and read and comment; we learn together.

The blog itself as a home for my interests is important because people who discover my information and my connections on social media can easily find and return for a particular post or for related information [good reason to use categories and tags– and include a “search” box at the top of your blog].

Here’s an example:

I’m interested in the ideas of “open classroom” and “open education.” I’ve learned from and enjoyed the posts of Verena Roberts, Helen DeWaard, and Laura Gibbs on those topics. I follow them on Twitter where they share their posts. I remember their names and using Google or Twitter, I can find their blogs:

Because each of these educators share on a blog, I can find and search for the information I remember from their Twitter posts.

Note: Edublogs shares an excellent Guide to Twitter

I can also subscribe to their blog by email or through an RSS feed so that I always get their latests posts.

Note: Edublogs Intro To RSS

They have a “home” for all their posts, which are archived and shareable.

If you blog about your interests and passions, your readers can find you and your information again, no matter where you shared it.

That’s why your “HOME” — on your blog — is important.

And you can set up your email and RSS for your blog as well so others can always get your latests posts:

Which will you add — RSS or Email?

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