Blogging 4 Step Reflection

I’ve set myself a schedule to document my blogging and entice me to blog every day by focusing on four elements of blogging:

  • Topics/Ideas: your interests and passions researched and shared on your blog
  • Connections: your social media links with others on your interests and gathering new ones
  • Conversations: your conversations with others on social media [Twitter, blogs, etc.] in comments with others and extended in your blog as part of your “neighborhood” [PLN]
  • Reflections: your review of interests, connections, conversations

March is also filled with:

  • Edublogs Student Challenge – I’m a commenter and you can be too: Join Here. It’s a great opportunity to encourage student blogging, writing, and digital literacy and citizenship. Please consider becoming a commenter.
  • Slice of Life March Challenge by the Two Writing Teachers — I love this challenge and my students did as well; write a slice of your life — a memoir of a moment in time each day. I’ll probably write most of those here. However, some will fit well under education here.
  • Connected Learning will be a focus because I’m participating in a book club through Twitter conversations. You can join too. [Download PDF]

I’ve also written my focus  goals so I have no excuse for finding ideas.

How did I do?

How did I do with elements of blogging:

  • Topics/Ideas: All 13 were based on my interests and all were based on what others would be interested in
  • Connections: 10 posts started with connections with others on Twitter or blogs
  • Conversations: 7 posts invited or extended conversations from my PLN, tweets, or blogs
  • Reflections: 12 [including this one] included a reflection of some sort — either on conversations or concepts, and this one on my goals.


All of my posts resulted from my interests and goals. I wrote about topics that are relevant today; I connected with others or to others and appreciated their inspirations for my reflections and connections; I invited or continued conversations on the topics. Most importantly, I tried to add value to the ideas of the #CLmooc Book Club, the Edublogs Challenge, and for bloggers.

Link to my Blog Calendar.

Next Steps

My goals and focus continue to be the same:

And some new or other goals I’ve missed:

  • I’ve been reading Daniel Bassill‘s work and want to consider his ideas — there’s so much important work there.
  • I want to have some conversations with my First Friends [see sidebar], to keep in touch.
  • I’m behind on reading blog posts of my PLN.
  • I’d like to share more info on blogging for newbies.
  • Get ready for next month’s NaPoWriMo: National Poetry Writing Month and National Poetry Month.
  • Just discovered NaPoWriMo at Deviant Art

Your Goals

How about you? What goals have you accomplished for March?

Do you have any questions to ask that could help add ideas for writing?