Middle School Slice of Life

Slice of Life

The Two Writing Teachers sponsor the “Slice of Life” Challenge in March each year. It’s an opportunity to write everyday– just a slice of some part of your life:

That’s one moment, described.

It’s not the whole weekend — it’s one moment of the weekend, when you were walking with your friend and tripped on the curb, spilling your slushy.

That moment, described in detail, slowed down so your reader understands your thoughts and what happened.

My students loved March for this reason — instead of just a Tuesday Slice of Life, they could choose their own writing each day. Of course, a few students needed ideas, so….

If your students need prompts on some days, here are prompts for each day along with an explanation of the challenge and netiquette guidelines.

I hope they help those accepting the Slice of Life Challenge!



Find two – three other classrooms participating in the challenge and team up so students can read and comment on each others’ posts, practicing their digital literacy.  Students can be placed in teams so that everyone has at least two or three commenters– Blogging Buddies

For suggestions on commenting, see Comment Considerations and this classic Linda Yollis video.