Comment Considerations

Are you anxious to blog? Are you wondering how to start?

Helping Each Other

Think about it: you blog so others will learn from and share your ideas. Someone might add to your ideas. This happens through commenting. Think how excited you were when our mentors commented on our wiki. Just like everything else we do, if we want something, we need to give something.

So our challenge as beginning bloggers is to give comments to those blogs we read. If we want comments, we’ve got to give some. But what is a good comment?

A blog comment is your footprint…


a path back to you…


prepare your path wisely.

A great blog comment ?
How to write one:

•    What’s the best part of blogging?
•    Comments !

Let’s practice the best strategies for blogging by writing great comments.

1.   Be safe. Be kind. Provide no personal information and always be overly positive and kind. Remember our Netiquette.

2.    Read a post. Make a connection. While reading a blog and its comments, think about what you like, what you connect with. What idea most interested you? Be sure to read the other comments so you don’t repeat what someone has already said or asked. What was well-written and what ideas did you like? On what can you compliment the author? And, what can you add (see Number 4).

3.     Write a comment. Write it like a letter.


Hi ___[author name]___.

[Your Content– see next tip–4.]

Thank you.

4.     Share a compliment. Share a connection. Appreciate something specific. Compliment the idea, image, or other part you liked. Put it in quotes. Add new ideas with your connection (agree, disagree, experience, idea, link, question).  Add the idea you considered — your connection, agreement, disagreement (Although your idea is interesting, I’d like to add another side…). Do you have a link to share? an image? a question? How will you say it kindly?

5.    Check your ideas. Make them flow. Read your comment aloud to yourself; do the ideas flow one to another? Does it make sense?

6.   State your ideas and opinions only.  Write nothing personal. Review our Internet safety rules for keeping private and personal information off the internet. Netiquette

7.    Check spelling. Check punctuation. Edit your writing for spelling, punctuation, grammar, format so you are readable and believable, BEFORE you submit.

8.    Give one. Get oneIf you get a comment, be sure to comment back.

Remember: like handwriting, your comment represents  you!

What path will you take to write great comments? Which step to commenting do you think is the most important? Write a comment explaining the step or steps to commenting you think are most important. Have we forgotten anything?

Comment Poster

Steps to Great Comments

Steps to Great Comments


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31 Comments on “Comment Considerations
  1. Thank you for sharing your post, you guys have picture and quote say about it. I really like it !
    It make me excited when I read it <3

  2. Thanks for sharing about comments ! I love your tips. It’s really helpful! I’m still trying to apply those tips into me! After I read this, I tried to improve my comment skills!! Thanks a lot!!! =]]

    • Jerry, Thank you for letting us know that our tips help you. We still are learning to be good commenters. I hope you let us know what tips you learn in case we need to revise our ideas too. Ms. Edwards

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  6. Hi again,

    The picture on the quote wouldn’t cooperate with my blog, so I just put the words. I really like your commenting guidelines. That’s the type of comment my teacher likes us to leave. She expects the comments to be interesting but puncuated properly. I try my best, because I know that I like to get good comments. Thank you.


  7. Hello,

    Thank you, this helped me alot. I am creating my own guidelines and I seem to keep coming back here to read it again and again!!
    Did you write the footprint quote? It’s really cool, I think I’ll put it on my blog. Thanks again.


    • Thank you, Kayla. And, yes that is my quote. I needed something powerful to help my students and others realize the importance of being one’s best when traveling through the Internet because the links back tell your story. What kind of story we leave depends on our voices and choices. May your journey be positive. Ms Edwards.

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  9. Hi Ms Edwards,
    I’m making a page about Commenting Guidelines for my blog and this post helped me alot! 🙂 Thank you for posting it. Would it be ok if I use the Footprint quote?

    Meridith 🙂

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  14. I love these positively stated suggestions for commenting. They are very well written for ease of reading and simple enough for students to quickly understand. I am going to do everything I can to encourage my students to comment on other blog posts since I know how good it feels to connect with others via the blogging process. Thanks!

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